Ensemble Learning, formerly The College-Ready Promise, is a national organization committed to fixing inequities in the education system by improving how schools serve students – especially our most vulnerable.

Since 2009, we have worked with leading charter schools to help teachers be more effective. We tap into educators’ valuable knowledge, passion and experience solving problems by building cohorts of schools facing similar challenges so educators can learn from each other. We think of ourselves as the glue that holds groups of educators together, by facilitating learning and creating accountability.

Working together to remove barriers to achievement, we can create a future where every student is set up to seize the college and career opportunities before them.

We Believe

To truly grow the charter school movement, we need to focus on charter schools’ quality and ability to remove barriers to achievement for our most vulnerable students.

Collaboration is the key to growing strong schools. Our partnerships leverage the talent and expertise that already exists within schools.

When schools have a singular focus on test scores, it does a disservice to students and perpetuates the inequities that keep vulnerable groups of students from succeeding.