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“I feel I’ve gained a better understanding of the needs of our campus. This was a great opportunity to be able to discuss possible solutions for these problems.”– 2018 Central Texas program participant



Tierra Encantada

Santa Fe, NM


“Tierra Encantada Charter School (TECS) is a small charter school of approximately 300 students in grades 7th-12th. TECS was developed as a charter with an intent to be a Dual Language, Project Based, College Prep school. Over the years, one of the greatest challenges TECS encountered was how to develop the academic English proficiency of children whose native language was other than English (English Language Learners).  We recognized that while students were developing some language skills (basic interpersonal skills if you will), they were struggling to achieve academically alongside their native English-speaker peers. While TECS has had deliberate focus on professional development and teacher training towards the goal of supporting EL learners, by far the best collaboration and “develoment into practice and achievement experience” has been via the partnership established with Ensemble Learning.  The small team of Ensemble Learning lead by Leigh Mingle, Ph.D  and supported by Rocio Figueroa and  Patricia Jimenez-Latham, Ed.D. have been an excellent and invaluable resouce for the administrative and teaching staff at TECS.  The Ensemble team was flexible with their curriculum to customize training and development specifically to our school and our students. They helped us dig deep into our data, examine our student population and asses our actual needs around development of our EL population. Our teachers now have foundational skills and a spring board from which they can take off towards meeting the needs of EL Learners.   Over the course of the 2018-19 school year, a representative group of TECS teachers participated in a series of EL workshops with Ensemble and recently had the benefit and privilage of having Rocio present directly to all teachers during a summer 2019 in-service.  The Ensemble team helped us dig deep into our data, examine our student population and asses our actual needs in order to help our EL population reach their fullest academic potential. Our administrative team has a better understanding of what our assessment data is telling us and how best to educate our EL population. Our teachers now have a better understanding of what it means to be an EL Learner and have a focus not only helping students learn English, but to develop academic English language proficiency. The pedagogy, concepts and skills presented will help our teachers focus on the common core standards, rigor, and deliberate and intentional practice to ensure that students are engaged, connecting their learning to their lives, and developing the skills they need not only for communication on a day-to-day basis but for application towards succes in college and career. We continue our work with Ensemble Learning with a plan for walkthroughs and with Ensemble not only delivering information to us, but working directly with and observing our practice in real-time in our actual setting. We look forward to continuing this collaboration! As a team/staff  we feel anchored and empowered with Ensemble Learning’s guidance and support and we look forward to seeing student achievement and growth as a result!”
-Principal, Angela Esquibel-Martinez, MA. Ed

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